Who We Are

eSentio Technologies is a technology consulting and implementation firm that works with the world’s leading law firms and corporate legal departments to deliver strategic technology solutions. eSentio is committed to delivering candid, unbiased recommendations on the technologies that will best serve the specific needs of our clients’ firms. Law firms are service providers to their clients, and we believe that their technology investments should be based on how that service can best be provided. Our consultants work to ensure that our clients’ technology investments are based on sound business decisions, not just the intricacies of the technology.

For more information on our services, please contact an eSentio expert today at info@esentio.com.

The legal industry is constantly changing, your technology should be as well. We recognize that some implementations are more validating than others—we hope to keep business necessities constant so that you can spend more time figuring out how to make your attorneys’ experiences with technology more user-friendly and secure. With eSentio don’t let the ship slow down.

Our Mission

eSentio’s mission is to be recognized as the leading provider of high value professional services to the world’s leading law firms enabling, them to leverage information resources and related technologies to enhance client service, increase profitability and mitigate risk. At eSentio, we work with our clients, becoming trusted advisors and delivering expert technological solutions. eSentio is committed to delivering candid, unbiased recommendations on the technologies that will best serve the specific needs of our clients’ firms. We understand that law firms are service providers to their clients and as such, technology investments should be based on how that service can best be provided. We work to ensure our clients’ technology investments are based on sound business decisions, not just the intricacies of the technology.

We believe a company is only as successful as its employees. At eSentio, we are dedicated to helping our employees continue to develop their professional skills and experience. Through our employee perks and business development programs, eSentio employees are 100% supported on their road to professional growth.

Our Values

Our values serve as the guide for how we work with our clients, our partners, and our employees. A commitment to these values is what makes eSentio a great place to work and do business.

As a company, and as individuals, we value:

  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Dedication to Client Service and Client Satisfaction
  • High Levels of Achievement and Contribution
  • Professional Commitment
  • Team Orientation

Our Leadership

Yvonne Dornic

President and CEO

Yvonne Dornic has more than 20 years of consulting experience with law firms and corporate legal departments. A recognized leader within the industry, Ms. Dornic works closely with the leadership at the nation’s largest law firms to identify and improve upon the strategic value of their technology.

Under Ms. Dornic’s leadership, eSentio has emerged as a leader within the legal technology industry with a reputation for innovative thought leadership. eSentio has become a trusted advisor to many of the AmLaw 100’s largest firms through unwavering client service and increased client profitability.

Ms. Dornic oversees all aspects of firm-wide operations including strategic planning, strategic business alliances, business development, as well as consulting and implementation. Her focus on excellence and dedication to client service has played a vital role in shaping eSentio’s leadership position within the industry.

Michael Georgopoulos

Director DMS and Network Information Services

Michael Georgopoulos is the Director of Document Management and Network Information Services at eSentio. He has over 25 years of experience in law firm technologies.

Michael has provided technical leadership on engagements involving a broad range of technologies, such as document management assessments and implementations, cloud strategy, information governance, email management, strategic planning, network design, infrastructure, storage, messaging, and security. Michael’s extensive knowledge of law firm operations has enabled him to provide strategic guidance to large firms in areas such as business continuity/disaster recovery, systems consolidation and IT organizational restructuring.

Mike is based in San Francisco.

Paul Mores

Director Client Success

Paul Mores is the Director of Client Success at eSentio. He has over 30 years of experience delivering legal technology solutions both in house and as a consultant, working in both the US and the UK.

Providing leadership in the areas of service excellence and customer satisfaction, Paul maintains engagement with all of eSentio’s clients to ensure their ongoing success with their technology solutions and investments. He has also directly led many of eSentio’s largest engagements, including DMS assessments, DMS conversions, infrastructure projects, IG policy implementations and Project Management Office development projects.

Paul lives in San Francisco.

Simon Elven

Director of UK Operations

Simon Elven is eSentio’s Director of Operations in the UK. He has over 25 years of experience in legal technology leadership and consulting roles. Over his time in the legal industry Simon has worked with many different technologies including document management, CRM and time recording systems. Simon has led many successful large scale implementations within law firms and has an understanding of their culture, language and the technical environment. Simon always approaches projects with an appreciation of the strategic goals of the Firm and an understanding of how these translate into the business change effort required for success.

Simon is based in Buckinghamshire just outside London and regularly contributes thought leadership pieces to legal technology publications and as well as speaking at industry events.

Martin K. Metz

Chief Innovation Officer

Martin has had a distinguished career in the American legal community and is best known for his thought leadership in deploying document management and related information systems. As Chief Information Officer for three AM Law 100 firms, he developed long-term IT strategic plans that propelled his firms to make efficient and sustaining investment decisions. He has overseen the implementation of responsive security platforms to effectively address the growing security threats and challenges facing every global law firm. He was instrumental in the site selection and the opening of a new Operations Center in Nashville, TN, to transform support and legal services to his firm.

In addition to his CIO roles, Marty founded a company dedicated to building software solutions for some of the largest law firms in the US, UK, and Canada, where he provided strategic IT consulting and implementation guidance.

Andrew Keller

Director of Information Governance

Andrew Keller is the Director of Information Governance at eSentio. He has over 25 years of records management and information governance experience developing and implementing policies and programs for Fortune 500 corporate legal departments and law firms. His expertise includes information governance, records retention policy, electronic records lifecycle management, email and document management technologies, HIPAA and Privacy compliance, eDiscovery, business continuity and disaster recovery. Andrew has obtained both a CIP – Certified Information Professional designation from AIIM, and an IGP – Information Governance Professional certification from ARMA.

Prior to joining eSentio, Andrew held a number of senior consulting and executive positions at Iron Mountain Information Management including Director of Consulting, Senior Advisor, IT Director, and VP of Operations Support. He has made numerous presentations on the legal issues of records management and information governance for organizations including ARMA, AIIM, ABA, ALA, and taught CLE credit courses. Andrew lives in Boston, Massachusetts

Todd Nugent

Director of Development and Security

Todd Nugent is Director of Development and Security at eSentio. He has more than 30 years of experience in cyber security. He has delivered cyber security assessments and penetration tests in organizations ranging from the 10 largest banks in the world to medical records companies. He has taught graduate-level Network Security and Digital Forensics for more than 20 years at the University of Chicago, where he was also responsible for campus-wide cyber security. He has held the CIO/CISO position at an AmLaw 200 law firm and the position of Director of Computer Science Research. He has served on multiple Internet Engineering Task Force Committees (IETF) and has investigated and reported on major internet security incidents in local and national media such as CNN, CBS News and the Larry King Live show.

Sonia Ahluwalia

Director of Professional Services

Sonia Ahluwalia is the Director of Professional Services at eSentio. She is a hands-on leader and technologist with over 20 years’ experience in Strategic Leadership, Program Management, Change Management, Agile Transformation and Business Architecture.

She has a proven track record of success across diverse industries, including legal services, financial services, information technology, media, government contracting, and non-profit organizations. She excels in delivering business transformation initiatives that result in significant improvements in revenue growth, EBITDA, and operational efficiency. A self-professed advocate of the application of artificial intelligence to the solution of real-world problems, Sonia is a creative thinker and innovative thought leader. She is passionate about tackling the types of complex business problems that are facing large multinational law firms today and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Her experience includes building world-class software engineering solutions and teams and managing and executing complex initiatives at both tactical and strategic levels.

Prior to joining eSentio, Sonia held a number of senior consulting and management positions at Elevate Services, Hogan Lovells, Accenture Federal Services and Washington Post. Sonia is based in Dallas, Texas.