Client Successes

Thomas B. Gaines, Jr., Partner, Chief of Information Services Strategy and Office Integration

King & Spalding LLP

"I think there are three reasons you hire a consultant; one - Expertise, when you are lacking expertise; two - Augmentation, if you have some expertise in-house, but you need additional expertise to get a project done; and the third reason is to validate ideas you have. But in all of the reasons one thing you have to have is a partner that understands your business. eSentio Technologies has all of those qualities.

Keeping my pulse on technology changes in the legal industry is almost impossible. I've been in this business for over twenty years, and I've seen technology change quite a bit. In the last five years, technology has accelerated exponentially so having a partner like eSentio tech who is busy in legal industry doing projects for firms like ours is very important and helping me understand the challenges other firms are facing. I've talked to many consulting firms since I've been in this role, and I've found eSentio to be a very close partner and very helpful to us. We've done many projects with eSentio that range from large strategic plans down to staff augmentations and very detailed implementations of technology.

I have great confidence in eSentio Technologies. Confidence is not built by a company name; it is built by individuals! I hire eSentio to do a project, I am very confident that I'm going to get the best advice and top-notch service."

Ed Arvois, Former CIO

McKee Nelson

"Over the years I've used eSentio for consulting services which varied from staff augmentation, to business continuity planning, to project management, to system integration services. Whether it was a large or a small project working with eSentio, the quality of their consultants has always been rather high. We've done large scale projects like Microsoft Exchange roll-outs and smaller scale things which just required project management, but eSentio was there with their consultants to assist.

eSentio understands the business of large law firms due to their long experience in the field and also their experience with IT departments, as well as the executive committee, as well as the technology committees' within firms. I use eSentio because they have always been able to deliver quality consultants that get the job done. Due to eSentio constants exposure within law firms, they are always ready with the next technology and ready to assist with the next technology."